What's this page for?

What are home pages for? Good question. This particular home page is meant as a repository/starting point for all things "alf", job-related and of more general interest. Or non-interest, depending on your politics. Besides, I kinda like the green background.

If you feel you're still interested, start using the navigation bar. It should be in the left frame. (Or, scroll to the bottom of this page if you're frameless)

What is this alf thing, anyway?

Yes, you got me, my actual name is Alessandro Forghieri, so why in the world am I fooling around with nicknames at my age? Well, "alf" (as in Alien Life Form) has got its historical reasons, and I have grown accustomed to it. It is also the name of the funny character in the upper right corner, by the way.

If you really want the gory details, you can read the full story. (Nothing to write home about, really).

Big changes

If you have been among my 16 readers (people into Italian Literature know what I mean) you may have noticed a big face lift

To begin with, I've decided to go English all the way. Not that I have banned Italian from my web space, but keeping a double language version of all of my stuff (or even of only my home page) was becoming too much of a hassle. After all, English is the language of the web, isn't it? Also, I reorganized the content.

New cool layout: colors, frames, the works. I am not what you'd call a graphic artist, but hopefully this is not too ugly. I stole it, anyway, so don't blame me...

Under the hood, I got rid of the crufty HTML output by Netscape, (and by all of WYSIWYG HTML editors I know of, for that matters), and I introduced style sheets. If you are not using them, maybe you should, but, hey, it's a free country.

Email me as alf at orion dot it (Don't you hate spam? I do).

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